5 Healthier Habits for Type 1 Diabetes


One woman shares how she is making healthy changes to improve her family’s lifestyle after a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis. Try these five tips to improving your own eating habits and see the positive changes that Laura’s family experienced in your own home, too.

The Best Of Identity – A Lifestyle Change


The Best of Identity, going back from 2009 By Joann 2009 has arrived, and with it has come my usual weight loss movement. It’s the same thing every year. I pack on the pounds during the holidays and I vow to drop them (and then some) come January 2. I hit the gym hardcore, I […]

May “BE”:It’s Time to Be Realistic


Life is supposed to be enjoyed and embraced. We are supposed to indulge ourselves with the smells and tastes that life has to offer us.  So what’s your weakness? Is it sweets, carbohydrates, or salts?  My weakness is for sure the Italian cuisine. Ask anybody close to me knows what my favorite food is and […]