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Healing Pain From The Past

Why is it so difficult for people to let go of past hurts and pain? Loss and betrayal can hold us in the clutches of emotional distress, and in many cases, a desire for revenge.


It’s All About Faith

Always have faith that there is a plan for you, out of your scope of vision. You may not have all the answers now as to where you are meant to be, but that is the beauty of life; experience will always lead to discovery.


It’s The Little Things

2. It’s the little things my husband does around the house, like fix our bed, makes me pancakes, wakes up for our baby. My daugther’s beautiful smile when she looks at me when I go pick her up! Those things come from the heart and I love the fact that he tries! – Evelyn


Susan is BELLANYC Magazine

Empower Others to Get All A’s & Share!November 6, 2012 Carissa interviews Susan Vernicek, founder of Identity Magazine, who shares…

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Label Logic: Cellulose Gum

Cellulose gum is generally used in food as a thickening, emulsifying, and stabilizing agent. Due to its high viscosity, or thickness, cellulose gum is also found in products like toothpaste, laundry detergent (it works as a suspension liquid to remove stains from natural fabrics), water-based paints, diet pills, and laxatives. It can also be found as a lubricating element in eye drops (artificial tears).


Emotion Commotion: Covert-Aggression

That charming side to their personality is merely a manipulative tactic, designed to encourage someone else to let their guard down, reveal insecurities and fears that the covert-aggressor will likely “prey on” later. Covert-aggressors are not motivated by helping others, although at times they may portray themselves that way.

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Small Businesses Do It Better Interview

Carissa interviews Susan Vernicek, founder of Identity Magazine, who shares some great tips on finding your true identity to better yourself and your business. Susan also discusses her experience in starting a business with no business experience, and how she got her book published.