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Kids Learn By Experience

Our Kids Learn Best by Experience

They have so little control over whet they eat, what they do in school, when they play, and when they go places that picking out clothes is a way for them to have some control over their environment and make their own choices.

Unique Saving Tips

Ways to Save & Gift Yourself Right Now

Perhaps what you need is a jolt, a shake up in your day-to-day routine –a vacation, a spa day, and a day to simply do nothing, a day to have fun with your family or your friends… You need a day (or days) FOR YOU and you deserve it.


How to Live a Courageous Life

I’ve been embracing Courageous Living and have realized that the word courage means different things to different people in various phases of their lives.

Playing the Victim

Victim and Sexy Contradict…

Truth be told, I sometimes really love to complain, whine, get sympathy, and be the center of attention. Sometimes I just want to be told what to do, not have to make any decisions on my own, and completely surrender all sense of responsibility. But that’s my wounded ego talking, the little girl that still haunts a part of my being, and not my evolved higher and wiser self.


Chasing The Dreams That Scare You

I’m on a mission to tackle a list of 52 dreams and goals in 2016—one for each week of the year. Some will be fun, some will require hard work, some might not happen at all, and some will push me out of my comfort zone.

Smile for Peace

How Your Smile Can Bring Peace

Over the years, I always heard that it takes seven muscles to smile and forty-nine to frown. Not sure if it is true, but try it and see which feels better and more natural. For me, it is definitely a smile.