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How You Can Help Me Continue Creating Happy Moments: Myra Betances

How You Can Help Me Continue Creating Happy Moments

It is cultural tradition to dress up and parade in every village, town and cities throughout the country. As a child growing up in the Dominican Republic along with six other siblings, it was a challenge to get ahold of a costume for this special event as my family could not afford to buy costumes.

Discovering My Identity in Haiti

How I Discovered my Identity in Haiti

Susan Jacobs found herself in Haiti. Family and friends thought I was crazy spending so much time there. They feared I would be kidnapped, as was happening throughout the capital of Port-au-Prince on a daily basis, or worse, killed.

Kids Learn By Experience

Our Kids Learn Best by Experience

They have so little control over whet they eat, what they do in school, when they play, and when they go places that picking out clothes is a way for them to have some control over their environment and make their own choices.

Unique Saving Tips

Ways to Save & Gift Yourself Right Now

Perhaps what you need is a jolt, a shake up in your day-to-day routine –a vacation, a spa day, and a day to simply do nothing, a day to have fun with your family or your friends… You need a day (or days) FOR YOU and you deserve it.


How to Live a Courageous Life

I’ve been embracing Courageous Living and have realized that the word courage means different things to different people in various phases of their lives.