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Accepting All Versions of You

As we age, we experience many versions of ourselves—the good, bad, and the ugly. We just wish more of us would be more accepting as we experiences the stages of ourselves as we grow and evolve. Read below on how you can be more accepting of all versions of you.


Melissa Cassera – Achieving Freedom

“I’m a “jersey girl” (but nothing like you see on Jersey Shore – I promise). My husband, Gary, is a dog trainer and our dog Jake is a very precocious Aussie Shepherd” – Melissa Cassera


Emotion Commotion: Happy

Who knew happiness was so well researched? Perhaps the key to discovering the “happiness factor” may be realizing that happiness is not based only on the good or bad circumstances of people’s lives, but more so on people’s attitudes towards their circumstances, as well as the effort they put into maintaining a level of happiness higher than their baseline.

Founding Moms

Susan Vernicek Featured in Founding Moms

For the past twelve years Susan Vernicek has been helping women accept, appreciate, and achieve through Identity, the online magazine she founded. Now pregnant (with twins!) she’s excited to join the mom entrepreneur club.