Accepting Life Through Heartache and Love


Gaining a sense of acceptance can take a lot of time; weeks, months, maybe even years. For Tina, each month after her three-and-a-half-year relationship ended, marked a new step in accepting herself and her life. Throughout the time she spent reflecting on accepting everything and forgiving her ex-partner, Tina was able to gain a new […]

April “BE”:Identity Check-Part 2


Part Two: (you can read part one here) The Identity Five 1. What have you accepted within yourself and/or within your life?  Is there anything you are working on accepting? Now that I’m 30, I’ve had to accept many physical and mental attributes about myself. I’ve also had to accept many lifestyle situations.  I would […]

April “BE”:Identity Check-Part 1

Part One: Identity is moving in an amazing direction.  We are going viral, and I'm loving it!  I, Susan Vernicek, am taking on the role for the face of Identity. I was staying hidden a bit because I wasn't sure I was supposed to really be the face of Identity, but I was wrong. I […]