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The High Cost of HyperCompetence

We leaders, especially modern women professionals, need a new way to be in the world. Many of us are hyper-competent. We are hyper-productive. We are hyper-accountable. We try to do it all, everything we expect of ourselves and most of what we imagine others expect from us.

New Day, New Year

Steps to Get Your Life On Track

Yes, life may change you, and you should never stop allowing it to. However, never ever doubt for a second that you are not exactly where you are meant to, and need to be.

The Story of a Tattoo, My Tattoo

Dealing with Disappointments

No one ever promised us life would be fair. Disappointments are an unavoidable part of life, although sometimes it feels like we’re getting more than our share.


Cling To Who You Really Are!

It doesn’t only sadden me, it breaks my heart to see beautiful intelligent women who had a magnificent past, full of struggles and triumphs, with capabilities that would have taken them around the world, to choose to give up on who they once were and just “go” with reality. Read on and learn to cling to who you really are with contributor Aya Radwan.