Cling To Who You Really Are!


It doesn’t only sadden me, it breaks my heart to see beautiful intelligent women who had a magnificent past, full of struggles and triumphs, with capabilities that would have taken them around the world, to choose to give up on who they once were and just “go” with reality. Read on and learn to cling to who you really are with contributor Aya Radwan.

Called to Be a Catalyst for Change


You have been called to be a catalyst of transformation, what difference have you decided to make?

Is Your Fear of Change Holding You Back From Happiness?

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Many of us have fear and that is OKAY, but do you let fear hold you back?  See if you can relate to Nicole’s experience and take advantage of her tips on steps to take the next time you experience fear. I have a confession for you. I hate change just like many of you. […]

Master Your Emotions and Master Your Life!

Master Your Emotions and Master Your Life!

As human beings we all have issues, hang ups, and problems that threaten to not drag us down. Join author Nicole Wilson as she shares “Master Your Emotions and Master Your Life!”

More Life, Less Strife: How to Find the Perfection in the Holidays

More Life, Less Strife: How to Find the Perfection in the Holidays

How would it feel to be able to “go with the flow” and connect with the fun and joy of the season – and not get pulled into the frantic, frenetic fast lane? Join author Teri Goetz as she shares “More Life, Less Strife: How to Find the Perfection in the Holidays.”

How to Deal With Change

How to Change

Welcome to our one and only poetry column by Michele Wroblewski. Michele aims to show people that although painstaking to endure, challenges faced in life should be received in gratitude, for they produce the powerful product of a strong, independent, and self confident individual that is prepared to face the world. Life is wild and […]

Have a Stress Free Attitude!


A stress free attitude is about developing faith in yourself, humanity, and your spirit. Join author Melody Stevens as she shares “Have a Stress Free Attitude!“ Written by Melody Stevens Sound easier said than done? Actually, it’s simple to reduce stress in your life, and it’s absolutely possible right now. It’s all about taking courageous […]

Why Worry? Choose a Different Thought

Why Worry

It’s not the actual change in circumstance as much as it’s our thoughts of change that can bring anxiety levels rising. Join author Diana St. Lifer as she shares “Why Worry? Choose a Different Thought.“ Written By Diana St. Lifer A few nights ago my husband Evan and younger son Luke sat down for dinner. […]

Living a Full Life After Divorce

Living A Full Life After Divorce

Divorce must first be understood and dealt with on an emotional level. Divorce is a major life event. Join guest author Pamela Mooman as she shares “Living a Full Life After Divorce.“ Written by Pamela Mooman When I told my husband I wanted a divorce just about a month after our 13th wedding anniversary, I […]

Why I’m Not Too Sensitive About Being A Highly Sensitive Person

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Sensory-Processing Sensitivity is common in approximately 20% of the population and describes how a HSP’s brain works slightly different than someone not as sensitive. Join author Rachel Smith as she shares “Why I’m Not Too Sensitive About Being A Highly Sensitive Person.“ Written by Rachel Smith Be careful the next time you think about telling […]