Shifting Appreciation

Alissa Okrent

What I do own, is looking back on all my choices, especially the ones that were “knee jerk”, and not well thought out – they too have been blessings in disguise.

When the “Sh$t Hits the Fan”: 3 Questions that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE

LOVE candle heart in tub

Appreciation connects you to love by loving what’s happening. It may be even more powerful to use appreciation when you experience an event as negative. Join author Kirra Sherman as she shares “When the “Sh$t Hits the Fan”: 3 Questions that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.”

Give The Gifts of Simplicity and Gratitude This Holiday

Gratitude for the Holidays

Mix it up this year when it comes to gifting. Along with those deals too good to pass up at your local retailer, make a few customized handmade gifts for the most important people in your life.

Ways to Enjoy Your Summer

Summer is approaching us and I’m the worst when it comes to thinking of creative, fun ways to embrace the summer. Therefore, I reached out to our dedicated contributors on how they spend and appreciate their summers. There are some pretty cool ideas and if you could share one tip on how to best enjoy […]

A Deeper Appreciation

A few of our exclusive Identity contributors go deep with their appreciation. [sgroups_list group_id=6] Share this!