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My Dad and I at our first starting line (2009)

Learning to Speak the Same Language

For my Dad’s 65th Birthday, I asked him if he’d like to do a half marathon with me as a ‘gift’. Granted, 13.1 miles on foot does not really seem like a great gift, but I thought that the time spent together could be valuable.


Emotion Commotion: Covert-Aggression

That charming side to their personality is merely a manipulative tactic, designed to encourage someone else to let their guard down, reveal insecurities and fears that the covert-aggressor will likely “prey on” later. Covert-aggressors are not motivated by helping others, although at times they may portray themselves that way.


Trusting Your Inner Voice & Using It!

Now that you are receiving personal guidance from your inner voice, what do you do with it? I hope this follow-up article helps you recognize the importance of trusting and listening to any inner wisdom that you glean.


Accept and Harness Your Inner Voice

Finding and harnessing your inner voice is about tapping into your personal power; your ability to gauge what is the best answer to each question in your life. It is about deeply having a clear vision of self at a soul level, versus the conscious mind. Then not being afraid to listen to and trust the truth that your inner voice shares with you.