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Identity Magazine is the Perfect Opportunity to Connect with

Your Potential Customers and Create a Lasting Impression


And You Can Reach Your Audience Year After Year for a One-Time Cost… Instead of Paying for Exposure Every Single Month

Dear Fellow Business Owner, Targeting Amazing Women Like Identity,
Getting your business in front of the right target audience can be frustrating. If you advertise in other online or print magazines than Identity Magazine (we limit the ads), you’re competing with dozens of other ads. Even if you pay top dollar for expert ad design, it’s no guarantee that your offer won’t be lost in a sea of other advertisements. So what happens? You end up paying thousands of dollars to advertise to your target market… only to get almost zero response. Even worse, if you want lasting exposure (which is what it takes to build a solid client base), you have to keep paying to run your ad. Print magazines, newspapers, and similar advertising vehicles have an extremely limited shelf life… and when readers are done with them, they move on or throw them away! It’s little wonder, then, that advertising is such a massive part of the typical business’s budget!

Stop Wasting Money on Short-Term, Ineffective Advertising


If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably looking for ways to decrease your advertising expenses. After all, if you’re spending a TON of money on advertising each month, your expenses are cutting into your profits… which keeps your business from being as successful as it could be! But what if you had the opportunity to advertise your business in a publication that people read time and time again? And what if, instead of competing for attention with dozens of other ads, your ad appeared along with only three others?

Identity Magazine

  • You’d benefit from long-term sales without having to shell out costly placement fees each month.
  • You’d enjoy higher revenues, because your one-time ad placement cost would continue to bring you customers for months or even years… instead of days or weeks!
  • You’d benefit from repeat exposure every time a reader picks up the publication (remember, it typically takes five to seven exposures before a prospective customer decides to buy).
  • You’d profit from having your ad be one of only a small handful that each potential customer sees, which means that your message stands out!

Do you think having repeated long-term, low-competition exposure would help your business grow?

If You’re Ready to Minimize Your Advertising Expenses and Maximize Your Business Profits, Identity Magazine is the Perfect Solution for You


We’re a lifestyle and empowerment community that is committed to helping women achieve their best lives. Our national online magazine receives more than 40,000 unique visitors per month and has helped empower more than 700,000 women to date. Our readers are between the ages of 25 and 45, with an average household income of $60,000. In addition to our online magazine, workshops, and conferences, we’re continuing our commitment to empowering women by offering our Identity Magbook on our website, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million. This publication has a cover like a magazine, but reads like a book… so readers keep it by their sides and refer to it again and again when they need encouragement and inspiration. We’ve sold more than 1,000 Identity Magbooks so far, and we’ve barely scratched the surface! We’re offering four advertisers the opportunity to tap into this educated, highly responsive market. Advertising space is strictly limited to one half-page, one full-page, and two quarter-page ads. That’s it!

This Offer isn’t for Every Business Owner

We’d love for every business owner to be able to connect with our audience. But to be honest, we have to preserve the integrity of our Magbooks and provide amazing value to our readers. So in order to qualify for this offer:

  • Your business must have operated for at least two consecutive years and have an established website.
  • Your business cannot be a network marketing or multi-level marketing business.
  • Your ad must feature a promotion for our Identity readers, such as a coupon or discount.

Also, you should be able to demonstrate that your business is relevant to our audience. If you meet the above criteria and your products and services are relevant to our demographic, we welcome you to apply to advertise in our Identity Magbook today!


Select your ad size below:

Quarter-Page Ad – $500 (2 Available)


Half-Page Ad – $800 (1 Available)


Full-Page Ad – $1,000 (1 Available)


 P.S.: Remember, this is a one-time investment, not a monthly or quarterly fee… but you’re getting the benefit of exposure month after month. Reserve your ad space or get in touch with our marketing specialists today!

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