Looking Foward to our One-on-One Sessions

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Congratulations !

Well done on kick starting your journey into getting all A’s in the game of life by accepting, appreciating, and achieving within yourself and your life!

Based on the Magbook, you will answer 5 powerful, thought provoking questions that will force you to dig inward to discover your strengths, your value, your unique characteristics and will push you to create an even stronger Identity.

You are not alone. Hundreds of women have already answered the Identity 5 questions and are now feeling empowered, uplifted, more confident, validated and overall more accepting of themselves mentally and physically.

“I have struggled in recent months with difficulties, and find that I can easily focus on my problems. At the Identity 5 workshop, your questions revealed that at heart, I AM a positive person. You changed the focus to my strengths” – ES

You shall receive your first video shortly and then the next four each day following. Therefore, you will receive a video a day for the next 5 days!

Make sure you add “Susan@identitymagazine.net and Newissue@identitymagazine.net” to your WHITE LIST, so we do not fall into your spam folder.

I’ll see you soon!

Feel Beautiful Everyday!



Susan Vernicek