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Hello my name is Susan Vernicek, Creator of the go-to-resource of the online magazine, Identity. Year-to-date our unique site visitors have reached over 200,000 engaged readers spending over 2 times the industry standard on our website with an average of 3 ½ minutes (industry standard site visit is 1 ½ minutes).

Identity has a unique opportunity for 1 or 2 selected brands (food industry) to provide content and messaging monthly, directly to our readers 8 or 12 times a year in Sponsored Content column, as well as supplemental banner advertising on ‘off’ months (if applicable).

We are highly selective with our brand partners, so content and messaging must be in alignment with Identity’s mission.

What does this mean? You get a dedicated space to share valuable content, brand messaging, and links to your website. Your column choice includes Label Logic or Spotlight On…

Label Logic is a column dedicated to decoding labels to empower our readers with knowledge of what they are putting on or in their bodies. Label Logic is perfect for content that discusses ingredients in body products, packaging materials, food items, and so forth.

Spotlight On… is a column dedicated to highlighting a food of the month to provide readers with a new take on familiar favorites. Spotlight On… is perfect for content such as recipes, videos from chefs or regular people who love food, and so forth.

Included with your content is expert provider byline, and links to your brand’s website(s) and social media pages. Once the best partner is chosen, an editorial calendar and further details will be provided. This is an open non-fee based application process, where you/your brand can apply for both columns, or just one.

Okay, so you want numbers and the value right?

Here you go. Identity is reaching over 200,000 unique visitors! They spend an average of 3-4 minutes reading Identity. (Industry standard visit is 1.5 minutes)  Our readers from our direct e-mail list spend an average of 3-4 minutes reading Identity. In addition, our readers from FaceBook spend an average of 3 minutes reading Identity, and our average open rate from our weekly email is 20%! (Industry standard is 10%)

Why Apply?

Because it’s an opportunity to GROW YOUR BUSINESS
Because it’s an opportunity for EXPOSURE
Because it’s fun. It’s credible. It’s unique, and your brand / expertise will be seen by thousands of women!
Because it’s the most affordable way to advertise and have somebody else market for you! (via our Pinterest Boards, FB, and Twitter)

The investment to sponsor:

1. One column – $97/month (value$200/month) (year contract)
2. Two columns (Spotlight On & Label Logic) $179/month (year contract)

So if you are interested to gain valuable expert status exposure, support the women engaged with the Identity Magazine community, work together as a team and build a relationship with us here at identity, please fill out the form below to apply:

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