WIN Yourself an iPad Mini for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine's Day Giveaway!Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays and every year we like to give back to our female readers. We believe this is a day for self-love, self-indulgence and happiness. Valentine’s Day isn’t only for the dating, engaged, or the married. It’s a day for love and that includes unconditional self-love!

This year we wanted to offer something a bit bigger…an iPad Mini! That’s right, you could win an iPad Mini on Valentine’s Day.

Win an iPad Mini!

Enter and Win this iPad Mini!

It’s pretty simple to enter. All you have to do is purchase one copy of the Identity Magbook and you are automatically entered! The winner will be chosen from, your number will be the number of your order.

*Already have an Identity Magbook?
Don’t worry because it makes 
for a perfect gift!*

Example: if you happen to be the 5th person to purchase, then if the number 5 comes up in from Random,org, you win!

Enter to Win
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What’s the Identity Magbook?

Identity MagbookSince Founder, Susan Vernicek launched her first online Identity Magazine issue in 2006, she has been frequently asked if the online magazine was going to go to print. She had no intention of making Identity into a hardcopy magazine. She did, however, want a way to save all of the content, and offer a solution for the women who could not get to the computer to read Identity. Discussing all these ideas on a car ride with her boyfriend, gave her the ‘Ah–ha’ Magbook idea.

Identity’s content is positive, inspiring, funny, and interactive. “I suggest you Accept. Appreciate. Achieve.™ and while you’re doing that, embrace your not–so–perfect ways to be able to love yourself! I’ve tried to make the Magbook unique, real, fun, and interactive so that it will engage your mind, body, and spirit and push you outside of your comfort zone,” says Susan.
Valentine's Day Giveaway!
Take a peek of the very first few pages of the Identity Magbook


“I read the Identity Magbook…very honest and refreshing. It takes courage for a young woman to want to expose herself, her insecurities, struggles both past and present to help others to be good with who they are. To me it was like reading excerpts from others diaries on how their journeys and experiences have influenced their lives both good and bad. It helps to support others looking to find their way, questioning a path they chose or are currently struggling with making your book an especially good read for young women. I gave it to my daughter who is 27 to read next!” -Trish Cooper, Founder of ZatsWho®

“Rejoice:  This book is like a warm hug.  By bravely owning her own fears, perceived weaknesses and past history the author provides a safe forum for her readers to explore their own inner sanctums.  Finding out that others share the same problems, uncertainties and emotions is greatly reassuring and allows us to boldly tackle our own journey of recognizing ourselves without recrimination. What a great “coming together” of women who bare their souls in the safety of this warm and engaging Magbook.  The Identity mantra of Accept, Appreciate and Achieve is there for all to embrace.” – Jennifer Pirnie Nichols

“Amazing job! Not what I expected! Helpful advice and stories that touched my heart. It’s inspirational and funny! I would definitely recommend this book to all of my girlfriends.” – Lauren Montanaro