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FREE Gift from Susan Vernicek, Founder of Identity Magazine
How to AchieveCelebrate Your Journey: (Free Download) The journey toward self-acceptance, appreciation and personal achievement commences with YOUR STORY up until the present time–who you are and how you became that person; all of the lessons you’ve learned along the way (both the difficult and the fun ones;) the gifts you’ve received and the gifts you’ve shared; the strengths you’ve recognized; and the support you’ve found along the way. You will embark upon this enlightening adventure, then, by examining all of the experiences that have brought you to ’today’ through a lens of honesty, curiosity and compassion, so that you can genuinely see yourself and all that you have achieved (inside and out)–and, in doing so, CELEBRATE YOU. That is precisely what this activity is all about: A multipurpose tool tailored for women like you and me…and I’m thrilled to share it with you! CLICK TO CLAIM
FREE Gift from Randi Levin
Randi LevinCelHow great would it feel to actually take action on your goals and dreams? Here are the tools to begin! Randi Levin is a certified, transitional coach, inspirational speaker and thought leader. She is a subject matter expert in the art of reinvention. She believes that life does not always play out in a straight line, nor should it! Throughout her one-on-one coaching and group workshops, Randi utilizes her Signature GPS Coaching System as a catalyst for her clients to clarify and refresh their journeys. Now, she can help you refresh yours! Randi’s new e-Book 9 Actionable Tips For Mastering Your Road To Reinvention contains 9 of the actual strategies that she uses with her private clients! The best part is that all 9 tips contain an action step that you can begin using today! This book is available as a gift to you to accelerate your own renewal. Reinvent. Refresh. ReYOU!
FREE Gift from Kelly Lynn Adams
Kelly Lynn Adams, Business & Life Coach, Speaker & Writer offers you two powerful gifts! First, her swag bag of business essentials ($97 value). To receive her positive manifesto for all entrepreneurs, 10 Tips to Grow Your Business & a 30-60-90 day guide planner to set your business goals and intentions. The second gift, her video, “STOP B*tching & Complaining: The 21 Day Challenge.”CLICK TO CLAIM
FREE Gift from Diana St. Lifer
Diana St. Lifer, founder of Choices by Design, LLCIf you want to move in the direction of your dreams and create the life you’ve always wanted, you are ready to take the journey with Diana St. Lifer, founder of Choices by Design, LLC. Diana is a certified professional life coach who specializes in helping people pinpoint what they really want from life and supports them in developing a plan to get it. Imagine living your best life by making choices that serve you in every way, every day. It’s possible. Diane offers you a gift certificate for a 60-minute complimentary session or 10% off any coaching or call package. The choice is yours!CLICK TO CLAIM
FREE Gift from Elaine Morales
Elaine MoralesTired of yo-yo dieting, weekend blow-outs, stress-fueled chocolate-fests, and starting over on Monday? Transform from stressed out to blissed out and shed weight with pleasure and ease following Elaine’s “Why Delay Amazing? 7-Day Jump Start Program to a Slimmer, Healthier, Happier You.” Elaine Morales, speaker author, and life transformation coach helps women who are obsessed, distressed, and downright depressed by the frustrating food drama in their lives to break free and achieve the bodies and lives of their dreams.CLICK TO CLAIM
FREE Gift from Ellen Goldman
Ellen GoldmanEllen Goldman offers you an instant download of her life-changing teleseminar training where you can learn:

  • Why successful weight loss begins with a mind shift, not a body shift, and how to accomplish that mind shift with ease.
  • What habits you can easily implement right now, today, that lead to permanent weight loss.
  • How to identify your personal compelling motivators for change, so that you can stick to your new healthy habits and feel inspired to maintain your weight loss.
  • How to feel comfortable in your body, no matter what the scale says.
  • The tools to get you what you want without ever going on a diet again.


FREE Gift from Erin Cox
Erin Cox Erin Cox is an author, motivational speaker, life coach, and mother of three who advises women on how to live more balanced, joyful, and healthy lives. Her bestselling book, One Hot Mama: The Guide to Getting Your Mind and Body Back After Baby, is hot off the press, published by Hay House and available in stores now! Erin shares a few of her favorite healthy recipes, plus her favorite drink recipes! If you need a little inspiration for fun and nourishing new meals during this busy time of year, then this is perfect for you.CLICK TO CLAIM
FREE Gift from Janice Hoffman
Janice HoffmanGet to the essence of what it is you want to accomplish in a fresh and more productive way by following this seriously fun EASY GUIDE – Or 17 Ways to SUPERSIZE your projects and set free your goals in 30 Fabulous Days – The revolution starts here!CLICK TO CLAIM
FREE Gift from Karyn Climans
Tail Wags Helmet Covers make it FUN for kids and adults to wear their safety helmets. They fit ALL bike, skate, ski, snowboard, toboggan and equestrian helmets. With over
40 designs to choose from there is the perfect look for every member of your family and friends. Download a 10% discount coupon for any of our helmet covers!
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FREE Gift from Katie Niemeyer
HandanaWhile training for her first marathon earlier this year, Katie created Handana. It is a high performance fashionable sweatband worn to wipe sweat. It is designed to be worn on either hand and comes in 6 sizes to fit any athlete. Whether your athlete who needs to wipe sweat in the heat or snot in the colder climates, Handana is a must have. The fabric is soft so it is not abrasive to the face and wicks away moisture so it dries quickly. Handana comes in over a dozen colors to match any workout gear for men, women and kids and Katie offers you a 10% discount to use when shopping at CODE: HandanaFriends2012
View more about Handana:
FREE Gift from Gracie Greene
Gracie GreeneHow great would it be if you could treat yourself to a one of a kind leather and burlap tote bag or pillow AND change the life of a child in Cambodia?  Well you can! We create products that will help raise awareness and funds to educate children, taking them from Oppression to Opportunity. Each of our products has a measurable donation attached to it which supports the initiatives of World Assistance for Cambodia and the Zahn School. In March of 2014, The Zahn School opened in Cambodia, 30 miles north of Phnom Penh enabling over 500 rural students to receive an education; our donations continue to support the needs of the school and students.  Please enjoy a 10% discount when you CLAIM WITH COUPON CODE: gracie10
FREE Gift from Melody Stevens
Melody StevensMelody Stevens says that the best teachers in business (and life) are the ones who have made the most colossal mistakes, and have lived to tell about them. A 15 year veteran music studio owner (now with 2 locations), singer, consultant, mother, wife, homeowner, Ms. Stevens has received an incredible business and life education and is here to share some of it with you. Her miraculous recovery from poor business decisions, workaholism, food addiction, codependence, ADD, abuse, chronic yo-yo dieting and low self esteem has earned her the title “Time Millionaire.” Ms. Stevens today has a successful company that runs almost completely without her, several additional business projects, a loving marriage and family life, a 30 pound weight loss sustained for over 3 years without dieting, and a life of fun, peace and joy. She spends her days on high dividend activities that earn her more and more time including working ON her businesses, not in them, participating in her exercise paradises, and with her family and friends that she most enjoys.CLICK TO CLAIM
FREE Gift from Nika Stewart
Is your business suffering because you have a weak or non-existent social media presence? Are you wasting hours conversing on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but you don’t have any sales to show for it? Are you overwhelmed by all the options, and wonder if it’s even worth it to spend time on Social Media? Get your answers on this fun call with Social Media expert Nika Stuart titled, “Dramatically Expand Your Online Visibility with Twitter!” Value $37.
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