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If You’re Ready to Reach
BusinessWomen and Entrepreneurs
Year After Year + Donate a Lifetime of Exposure to
Your Favorite Charitable Cause…
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If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably looking for ways to decrease your advertising expenses. After all, if you’re spending an exorbitant amount of money on short-term advertising strategies every month, your expenses are cutting into your profits…which keeps your business from becoming as successful as it could (and should) be!

What if you had the opportunity to showcase your business
in a publication that people read time and time again,
OR read and pass on to a colleague?

  • You’ll benefit from long-term sales that will continue to bring in customers for months or even years…instead of days or weeks.
  • You’ll enjoy higher revenues, because your one-time ad placement cost would continue to bring you customers for months or even years… instead of days or weeks!
  • You’ll benefit from repeat exposure every time a reader, entrepreneur, businesswomen or workshop/conference participant picks up the book.
  • You’ll profit from your ad appearing amid just a small handful of promotions, which means that your message will certainly stand out! (1 per industry as well = no neighbor ad competition)
  • PLUS! You’ll get to support your favorite charity continuously and in a unique manner. (Half of your investment will be a charitable donation)
  • PLUS! You’ll have the option to purchase copies at wholesale to sell, mark up and make a profit—if you choose.

 In all, you will benefit from repeated long-term, brand exposure with less competition resulting in business growth! (only 6 industry exclusive slots + 6 for charity donations)
Do you think having repeated long-term, low-competition exposure would help your business grow and gain exposure?

If You’re Ready to Minimize Your Advertising Expenses and
Maximize Your Business Profits + Give Back to Your Favorite Charity…

Get All A’s in the Game of Life:
BusinessWomen Inspiring BusinessWomen
(Quotes brought to you by Identity Magazine)
is the Perfect Solution for You!

About Identity Magazine:

Identity is a digital magazine that has been uplifting women for 10 years and helping them discover the power of Self-Acceptance, Appreciation, and Personal Achievement.™ Through a hand-selected team of writers and expert Q & A columns, our mission is to empower women to get all A’s in the game of life. We believe that once you accept and embrace a situation or circumstance and show gratitude and appreciation for what you currently have, it is then that you can achieve at a greater level within yourself and your life. We continue to be the go-to resource for over 800,000 women!

This Offer Is Not for Every Business Owner…Is it For You?

We’d love to provide every business owner the ability to connect with our audience. However, We must preserve the integrity of our Magbooks/Quote Books and provide amazing value to our readers.

So in order to qualify for this offer:

  • Your company must be in business for at least two consecutive years and have an established website.
  • Your ad must feature a promotion distinctly for our Identity readers/community, such as a coupon or discount.
  • You must choose a favored, legitimate charity that will benefit from this exposure,  (your business will be credited for donating).

Also, you should be able to demonstrate that your business is relevant to our audience. If you meet the above criteria and your products and/or services are relevant to our demographic, (Women in Business for this quote book series) we welcome you to apply to advertise in our quotebook today!

P.S: Receive the benefits of year after year exposure for a one-time investment WHILE also giving back to your favorite charity. (Note: Tax deductible)

If you’re interested in taking part in this exclusive advertising opportunity, please reserve your ad space asap. If you have any questions, get in touch with our marketing specialists today!


2 Ads (yours + charity) size: 4 X 6.5 (H) (black/white)
Only 6 1 spots left + your favorite charity
Minimum of 1,000 copies sold + All the Marketing Perks!
Your total investment: $700.00 ( 2 payments of $350)
Deadline February 10, 2016




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