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If you are an established business looking to stand behind a national women’s empowerment magazine that also hosts workshops, and conferences, then don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to reach thousands of readers in your target market through our unique and inspirational Magbook. If your brand aligns with inspiration, empowerment, authenticity, strength, courage, and a judgement-free community for women, then you can stand out as 1 of only 4 featured advertisers.


Identity MagazineIdentity Magazine has published a Magbook with a non expiring shelf life! Women who purchase this Magbook keep it by their side for continued inspiration, motivation, and as a reminder to own and embrace their identity—to not compare themselves or their lives to anybody else.

We have already sold over 1,000 copies and are providing you with an opportunity to get your brand in front of this unique, powerful audience. What’s a Magbook? The Magbook is part magazine because the cover is designed to look like a magazine, the back has only 4 advertisement spaces, and the inside reads like a book. That’s a Magbook.



Identity Magazine Statistics and Marketing:



The national online magazine receives over 40,000 unique visitors a month and has been the go-to resource for over 700,000 women.


The majority of Identity readers are women between the ages of 25-45 years old and with an average household income of $60k.


The Identity Magbook is sold from the Identity Magazine Website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million, and it is packaged in with all the Identity 5 Workshops, given to clients that Susan Vernicek coaches, and included with registration at the annual BoldHer Conferences. Example, this August 21, 2014 is our second BoldHer Conference with 100-300 attendees, each of them will receive a copy of the Identity Magbook.

Testimonials: What Our Magbook Readers Are Saying


“Women have always been a powerful force. But sometimes they need inspiration to allow them to step into that power and find the “Identity” within. This Magbook gives the reader the opportunity to further develop the most important relationship they have in their life…the one they have with themselves. Congrats to Susan for putting it together.” – Marlene J. Waldock, Founder of Because We Are Women

“This Magbook taught me how to love the skin I’m in. It gave me a major boost to know that Identity touched so many topics I questioned or wanted to know more about. Women are a powerful species, and this book will assist you to gain more and more confidence as you continue to read. With the help of inspiring stories told by real women, you receive the full effect of how loving yourself can get you further than you think in life. A definite must have!” – Veronica Schoen, Identity Fan

“Amazing job! Not what I expected! Helpful advice and stories that touched my heart. It’s inspirational and funny! I would definitely recommend this book to all of my girlfriends.” – Lauren Montanaro, Identity Fan

Criteria Your Business Must Meet:


1. Must be in business for at least 2 years and have an established website.
2. Cannot be a multi-level marketing consultant.
3. Must be able to offer a promotion within the ad for the Identity reader—a coupon, discount, etc.

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Ad Sizes and Rates:

Two (2) 1/4 Page: One time investment, $500.00/each ( 2 spots available )

One (1) 1/2 Page: One time investment, $800.00

One (1) Full Page: One time investment, $1,000.00

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