July – Jennifer Tuma-Young

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You may have seen Jennifer on, Rachael Ray, NBC 10 Show, Soul Art TV, or read her articles in Martha Stuart, or Shine and of course her own websites. Jennifer Tuma-Young is a Lifestyle Expert, Licensed Coach, Writer, Founder & CEO of INSPIRISTA lifestyle design company, Founder & Editor of LifeGloss…sparkle for the soul !

“I am a woman who has gained weight, lost weight, had my heart broken, lost loved ones, struggled to make ends meet, had thriving businesses, fell in love with my best friend, and enjoys every fun-filled teary-eyed moment of being a mother to my precious gifts from God, Millana Elle and Ewing James. I am all about empowering women, and bringing out their inner whimsy by cultivating their creativity and imagination.”


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About Jennifer:

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