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Accepting Yourself: What Makes You Beautiful

What Makes You Beautiful?

In our culture, we are conditioned to focus on outer beauty despite the fact that many of us don’t meet the supermodel beauty standards. We talk about inner beauty a lot but do we really use it as a criterion to define beauty?

Tasks Real Estate Agents Should Consider Outsourcing

Tasks Real Estate Agents Should Consider Outsourcing

While you are amazingly adept at being self-reliant and like to manage everything on your own, taking on all of the responsibilities of your business may prevent you from growing your company and landing new clients. With this in mind, you may want to outsource one or more of the following tasks…


SkinnyMint Your Way To a Fresh Start

I’m not into nor support fad diets or quick fixes, so when I review and share these types of products it’s not to tell you about the latest weight loss trend, but to provide an honest review of products I’m curious about.