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The Best Medicinal Tea

It’s January and frigid—don’t wait, and grab that cup of tea! I’m a coffee lover by morning and a tea lover by night. Don’t judge, I could never choose between the two loves as they serve my soul for different reasons.

My Dad and I at our first starting line (2009)

Learning to Speak the Same Language

For my Dad’s 65th Birthday, I asked him if he’d like to do a half marathon with me as a ‘gift’. Granted, 13.1 miles on foot does not really seem like a great gift, but I thought that the time spent together could be valuable.

New Day, New Year

Steps to Get Your Life On Track

Yes, life may change you, and you should never stop allowing it to. However, never ever doubt for a second that you are not exactly where you are meant to, and need to be.

Valentine's Day for Singles

5 Ideas for Single Girls on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is arguably the most romantic holiday our culture celebrates — even though its origins are pretty dark and somber — and joining in with the happy throngs of starry-eyed couples is great, so long as you’re in a happy relationship. However, for those who aren’t, Valentine’s Day is often little more than a reminder that not everything in your life is up to snuff.

Why You Need Vendors

5 Signs Your Event Needs Vendors

Most of the best hosts and hostesses in the world have diagnosable control problems. After all, the best events require impeccable focus and planning to pull off without a hitch, and there is no one who has an untouched vision of the perfect event save the event’s primary host.