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Broken heart

What to Do When Love Breaks You

That is the power that you need: to see you control where you wish to go. Just know, that you’ll be okay. The hurricane will be no more, and all that drowned you will retreat back to its core.


A Struggle with Words: How Mindfulness Maneuvered Its Way to the Top

Mindfulness was word number four on my list. I had demoted it from one to two, then to three and finally four. After weeks of thinking about my words, writing them down in bright colors, both in script and print, and trying them on as if they were cloaks and scarves, I scribbled magical, fortify, and deliberate onto a piece of yellow paper.


Can Time Erase Pain?

The more we hide? The more we discover. The more we feel. The more we resent. The more we think. The more we search for an answer. The more we become absorbed, obsessed with the torment that we will forever wish to obliterate.

Kids Learn By Experience

Our Kids Learn Best by Experience

They have so little control over whet they eat, what they do in school, when they play, and when they go places that picking out clothes is a way for them to have some control over their environment and make their own choices.