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A young girl playing in a soccer league

Tips on Recording and Sharing Your Kids’ Sports Games

As a mom, you are understandably proud of your children’s involvement in sports. To capture your daughter’s first soccer goal or your son’s amazing 30-yard run in football, you probably take as many photos or videos as you can during the game. I

Enjoying the sun

Thank you Pain, You Have Led to my Happiness

All the ones that have wronged me, all of the actions that have led to the formation of grief, stress, and pain. This is my expression of gratitude to those who have broken my heart in the worst ways possible, who have bruised my ego and have left internal remnants of injury, scars.

5 Relationship Principles I Learned While On Vacation

5 Relationship Principles I Learned While On Vacation

Beate Chelette shares one villa with 18 strangers in a foreign country. What happens by the end of the week is nothing short of spectacular. Beate shares the lessons she learned in the Dominican Republic that can be applied to all our personal and professional relationships.

Conference + Cruise for Wlomen

Your Adventure Starts NOW

I want to be transparent so you can see what it’s taken for me to get my dreams up and running, and hopefully find some inspiration and motivation to infuse into your own dreams.

Sad businesswoman

How to Manage Stress in 3 Steps

As a neuroscience geek I am fascinated by the fact that even though we are the most evolved creatures on the planet, we still react to stress as if we were cave-people.