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How to Date

Gain the Confidence to Conquer the Dating Game

Ladies, there is no reason to sell yourself short, no matter how old you are or how long you have been alone. Some women stay single longer so that they can focus on their careers, then ten years later believe that their chance at finding true love is gone. It isn’t, and it’s time to find the confidence to feel good about yourself and the dating game.

Daily Choices

The Impact of Our Daily Choices

For most of us, so many of these choices are so habitual, we fail to recognize them as a choice at all because we don’t even realize we’re making them. So, with this in mind, here are a few key areas in your life where daily decisions are continuously being made.


Your Three Month Horoscope Outlook (Sept. 2014)

Identity’s astrology expert Kevin Flynn gives you insight into the next three months of your life. Read your horoscope to find out if you’ll be promoted at work, have difficulties with friends, or even gain a new love interest. Follow the Stars and the Planets and you too may be able to find guidance through your horoscope.

Identity Magazine - Wellness Q&A

EngerG Coaching: Tips for your Lifestyle & Wellness-June (2014)

I have been working out all my life. I feel that I have a good understanding of fitness, but I am in such a rut and so bored. I have goals to meet my optimum fitness inside and out. I can’t afford an expensive gym and the gym I go to only has cardio machines…I don’t know what else to do. I want to mentally get it together and stop making excuses.

Frustrated Woman Expressing Breakdown

Manage Stress and Have More Fun

Research has shown that chronic stress can make us sick. And it certainly takes the fun and joy out of life. So it would make sense to learn tools to alleviate and manage the stress, no matter what the source is. Try some of the suggestions below and see if you begin to manage your stress and bring greater calmness to your life.


Emotion Commotion: Happy

Who knew happiness was so well researched? Perhaps the key to discovering the “happiness factor” may be realizing that happiness is not based only on the good or bad circumstances of people’s lives, but more so on people’s attitudes towards their circumstances, as well as the effort they put into maintaining a level of happiness higher than their baseline.

Fitness Expert, Crystal Gaynor

Making Fitness Crystal Clear-Fitness Q&A (June 2014)

This Q & A is dedicated to the latest and hottest fitness trend to come along in quite some time – Crossfit Training. It’s tough, it’s effective, and it works. To get the real skinny on Crossfit training, I sat down and spoke with Crossfit expert Gregg Arsenukowner, who is the owner, trainer and client of Guerrilla Fitness Crossfit in Montclair, NJ.