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This section is all about emotions—dedicated to educate and discuss a particular emotion in each issue. It’s a great way for women to open up and become more aware of our emotions, feelings, and human behavior. All of these emotions help us understand how to discover the power of our self-acceptance, appreciation, and personal achievement.

Understanding Betrayal

Emotion Commotion: Betrayal

Betrayal. Just reading, seeing or hearing that word conjures up negative emotions. Perhaps betrayal is such a harsh word because it’s an emotion felt after someone you love hurts you and you don’t know why.

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Emotion Commotion: Projection

We all experience unpleasant thoughts and feelings, and sometimes we dump “our stuff” on to another person. Because projection is an unconscious defense mechanism many of us are unaware when we are doing it.


Emotion Commotion: Emotional Habits

I’ve been struggling to write this column for the past several weeks. A case of “writer’s block,” I think. I recently read a post on Positively Positive that got me thinking. In this post, the blogger says “emotions can become habits.” Our emotional responses to situations and/or other people are habitual, if we let them be.


Emotion Commotion: Congruence

Congruence. It’s not an emotion; however, this word influences our emotions and the role(s) we allow our emotions to play in our lives. The purpose of this “EC” column in this issue of Identity, is for you to ask yourself this question: “Am I living with congruence?”


Emotion Commotion: Covert-Aggression

That charming side to their personality is merely a manipulative tactic, designed to encourage someone else to let their guard down, reveal insecurities and fears that the covert-aggressor will likely “prey on” later. Covert-aggressors are not motivated by helping others, although at times they may portray themselves that way.


Emotion Commotion: Always Do Your Best

So far we’ve learned about the first three agreements in The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz: be impeccable with your word; don’t take anything personally; and don’t make assumptions. And, now, we have reached the fourth and final agreement: always do your best. 

Always do your best means just what it says.