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In this day and age, most of us are too busy to recognize the small things in life that bring us the most happiness. We are too quick to see the negative side of things as opposed to the positive. This section is dedicated to bringing these otherwise insignificant daily happenings to the forefront with the intentions of encouraging humankind to stop and smell the roses. These little things should not be, but often are taken for granted. Sometimes it’s ok to see the world through slightly rose-tinted glasses. We’d probably all be a lot happier if we did.


It’s The Little Things

2. It’s the little things my husband does around the house, like fix our bed, makes me pancakes, wakes up for our baby. My daugther’s beautiful smile when she looks at me when I go pick her up! Those things come from the heart and I love the fact that he tries! – Evelyn

Inspriational Stories

Look No Further Than Your Home for True Inspiration

You hear people comment often enough that their spouse inspires them. I have always thought this was sweet to hear, and hoped that meant that the “right” people were married to one another. When probed further on the issue, you may hear such comments as “She keeps me grounded” or “He is such a great father.” Again, in a world too often dominated by negative stories, these connections are nice reminders that often times we do not have to look very far for inspiration.