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Maia Macek

Maia Macek

Maia Macek is a coach, speaker and writer who shamelessly and unapologetically mines her life experiences for the lesson, openly sharing her past struggles with disordered eating, bankruptcy, self-loathing, failed relationships, and other glitches that are incompatible with living one’s best life.

As a devoted fan of personal growth, she believes that there are no limits to how amazing we can feel, in body, mind and soul. That said, she is at home in the creative messiness of life and of being fully human. All her work is meant to guide her audience through the places that scare them, to bring them clarity about who they really are, so they can live self-expressed lives free from compulsions, addictions, emotional pain, spiritual doubt and physical illness.

Her vision is to live in a world where no one suffers with hidden shadows, but where everyone is able to experience a strong bedrock of belonging, acceptance, and full-blown self-expression.





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