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Debra Woog

Debra Woog

Debra A. Woog, President of connect2 Corporation, coaches women professionals to accelerate their individual development and career growth with outstanding intrapersonal and interpersonal communications. Teaching them to align their work with their brilliance and unique definitions of success, Debra enables leaders, experts, educators, consultants, and other creative professionals to transform from feeling time-crunched and overwhelmed to joy-filled and at ease in their lives and work.

With twenty-plus years of experience in corporate and academic settings, Debra knows firsthand how challenging it can be to lead a fulfilling career and also be a healthy, present family member and friend. From her personal commitment to making a positive impact on others by living her purpose and passions in accordance with her priorities, she created the Brilliance-Based Success System™. Her clients are delighted by the meaningful and prosperous lives, careers and businesses she has guided them to achieve. 

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