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Dorm Room Essentials for Your Daughter

Dorm Room Essentials
Written by Identity

Girls need extra comfortable dorm bedding with style. Designer comforters have plenty of pretty designs to add to the college girl’s décor while adding comfort to her dorm bed.

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It’s time to accept your daughter transitioning into adulthood, move away from home, and attending college. We thought this was a great article to help you and your daughter get ready and bond over room essentials. DormCo wanted to share these 12 Dorm Room Essentials to help you get started.

1. Girls need extra comfortable dorm bedding with style. Designer comforters have plenty of pretty designs to add to the college girl’s décor while adding comfort to her dorm bed.

2. Sorority Trunks hold extra clothes and other college supplies while adding high trend style and design to a dorm room. They also have the ability to be padlocked to keep her valuables safe.

3. Dorm rooms don’t have a full-length mirror for the college girl to check out her outfit. Jewelry stands have a full-length mirror on the door and open to reveal plenty of storage for her to bring all of her jewelry to college.

4. TUSK College Storage have a variety of beyond durable styles for underbed, closet storage, and more. They allow the college girl plenty of storage while saving space and adding style to her dorm room.

5. SNAP Dorm Cubes come in a variety of styles that allow the college girl to keep her extra clothes, shoes, and more organized. Heavy shelves aren’t practical for a small dorm room, so the SNAP Dorm Cubes are created to be lightweight, solid shelving units that are perfect for a dorm room.

6. Colleges do not provide seating in a dorm room. A Mini-Futon makes a dorm room feel like home and allows the college girl to have extra comfortable seating in her dorm room for when friends come over or when she just wants to relax while studying.

7. Underbed storage such as the Storage Max and Ultimate Underbed Drawer Trunk maximize the amount of storage under the college girl’s dorm bed. These are massive underbed storage options that keep extra clothes, food, and more organized and clean under the bed.

8. The Shelf Supreme allows her to keep all of her large items in one place and avoid having to use her desk or dresser as a surface for her TV. The Shelf Supreme has a durable design that minimizes dust and keeps her TV, mini-fridge, microwave, and more all in one place.

9. Girls need good beauty sleep and the 8” mattress the University provides falls short. A Bed Topper makes the college bed more comfortable and allows the college student to have a quality night’s sleep without tossing and turning.

10. Peel N Stick Décor allows her to put decorations up in her dorm room without taking up storage space. These Peel N Stick Décor items are safe for college walls and are available as picture frames, calendars, wall art, and more.

11. Blankets are necessary for extra warmth on a dorm bed, relaxing, and for napping. The Wormhole bedding blanket is a blanket she can crawl into that engulfs her all around with incredibly soft fleece and will soon be her favorite blanket.

12. Dorm floors are either made of cold linoleum or thin, hard carpet. A Plush rug will add soft comfort that she can wiggle her toes in and add a pop of color that will complete her overall dorm décor style.



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