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About the author

Evelyn Brodie

Evelyn Brodie

Evelyn Brodie has degrees in economics from Glasgow University in Scotland and Stanford University in California. For thirty years she enjoyed a lucrative career as an economist, a financial journalist and corporate communications executive. For the last decade she has devoted her time to learning everything she can about shamanic healing arts, altered states of consciousness and their therapeutic benefits and the science underpinning these ancient and re-emerging healing practices. Her travels and quest for knowledge have taken her to North, Central and South America, India, and Southeast Asia.

She now lives and runs a healing practice in London, England and has written two books, Corporate Bitch to Shaman: A Journey Uncovering the Links Between 21st Century Science, Consciousness and Ancient Healing Practices and Temenos Touch: The Art and Science of Integrated Medicine and Non-Local Healing.