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Time for Ladies Night Out? What to Wear & Do on This Rare Occasion

What to Wear: Ladies Night Out
Written by Jaclyn Freedman

It’s been a long week of juice boxes, bedtimes and homework. The idea of a night out is not even orbiting your current realm of reality, but you know you need one. The big question…”What the heck do I wear, I haven’t been out in a long time.”

It’s been a long week of juice boxes, bedtimes and homework. The idea of a night out is not even orbiting your current realm of reality, but you know you need one. The big question…”What the heck do I wear, I haven’t been out in a long time.”

It’s been a long week of juice boxes, bedtimes and homework. The idea of a night out is not even orbiting your current realm of reality, but you know you need one. You already RSVP’d for Saturday and now, the question game begins when was the last time I went out? Is that place still open? How should I do my hair? Jeans? Fit or flare? Clutch or bag? Wedge or platform? Honestly, you’re getting frantic at how you’ll throw it all together. Alas, have no fear; we’ll get you ready with five easy tips to rock ladies night.

A Smile

No matter how fantastic you look, without confidence and a smile, you won’t give off good energy. Whether you’re excited or reluctant for your night on the town, start the evening with a smile. And hey, even if you’re not in the best of moods, fake it until you are. Charles Darwin wrote in “The Origin of Species” that the act of smiling actually makes us feel better (as opposed to it being the result of feeling good). You may no longer fit into the average age demographic of your favorite bar, but smile anyway.


We know, they hurt, they slow you down, they’re the worst; but a great pair of heels possess powers that cannot be argued with. Dust off your favorite pair and suck it up for a few hours. As Camilla Morton, author of “How to Walk in High Heels,” told The Guardian, “Without a doubt, putting on a pair of heels is totally transformative; they make you feel something special is going to happen.”

A Great Bag

The power of a great set of heels is best harnessed in combination with an incredible bag. This is especially important if your daily bag is of the diaper variety. Girls night out is not the time for that $20 knockoff with the peeling fake leather and broken zipper. Order a designer bag from Zappos the prices are decent, and they’ll last for years.

Bonus tip: The size of your handbag should be proportionate to your body but the opposite shape of your body type. Basically, if you’re short, you will appear taller with a rectangular, smaller bag. If you’re tall, you need a big bag; you’ll look even bigger with a small one.

Light Jacket

Who knows where the night will take you? Stay comfortable and warm by keeping a versatile jacket on hand. You’ll not only be prepared for any weird room temperature situation at your destination, you’ll also have a great way to dress up or dress down your attire. We like this casual blazer from Nordstroms, but anything that matches will do.

Do Something Brand New

Wear fake eyelashes. Ditch the glasses and get contacts from Vision Direct. Add highlights to your hair or try a new all-over color.

And finally, no one says you have to go to the bar. Attend an art class or a poetry reading. Go to a restaurant you don’t normally get to go to, or one you’ve been aching to try out. Go salsa dancing and learn some new moves. Change up your routine by talking about new topics, with friends you don’t normally see, in an incredible outfit you’d look truly ridiculous doing the dishes in. This is your night.

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