Making Fitness Crystal Clear-Fitness Q&A (June 2014)

Fitness Expert, Crystal Gaynor
Crystal Gaynor
Written by Crystal Gaynor

This Q & A is dedicated to the latest and hottest fitness trend to come along in quite some time – Crossfit Training. It’s tough, it’s effective, and it works. To get the real skinny on Crossfit training, I sat down and spoke with Crossfit expert Gregg Arsenukowner, who is the owner, trainer and client of Guerrilla Fitness Crossfit in Montclair, NJ.

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Fitness at your best! A workout routine is something that should be a part of every woman’s daily schedule. Whether you are lifting weights for an hour a day, or walking for just 10 minutes each morning, make sure you get the most out of your workout. Crystal Gaynor works with Identity to help readers make their fitness routine ‘Crystal Clear.’

Crystal Gaynor - Fitness ExpertCrystal Gaynor, Making Fitness Crystal Clear

This Q & A is dedicated to the latest and hottest fitness trend to come along in quite some time – Crossfit Training.  It’s tough, it’s effective, and it works.  To get the real skinny on Crossfit training, I sat down and spoke with Crossfit expert Gregg Arsenukowner, who is the owner, trainer and client of Guerrilla Fitness Crossfit in Montclair, NJ.


Crystal:  What is all the hype about Crossfit Training?
Gregg:  It’s taken some time to propel itself.  Crossfit started in 2001 on the West Coast and slowly made it’s way to the East Coast.  The answer is two fold.  Number one, it gets results and number two, it does so in a fashion that really engages community.  Our gym is an example of that.  We have a very tight knit community, of all different abilities, ages, and sizes.  We have clients that play professional to divisional sports, to stay at home moms and dads.  All in the same room, sweating it out together, doing a pretty hard and grueling workout that has been scaled appropriately for each individual.   So they are doing something together, and everyone is moving forward, together.   It’s a great peer influence model, with a very well structured program.

Crystal: Can I do Crossfit Training on my own?
Gregg: You can, but it may not be optimum. Crossfit has a main website that puts out a workout of the day.  Anyone can follow it, but it’s best to find a reputable location or affiliate.

Crystal: What qualifications should one look for in a Crossfit Trainer?
Gregg:  A lot of people would talk about certifications, but I think time in the business, along with time working with a lot of people, is what makes a good coach.  There is an art and science to Crossfit.  There is a necessity for exposure to many different kinds of people and how they adapt to different types of fitness training.  And I think only people that have spent a lot of time doing this are worth calling themselves coaches.   Look for a high level affiliate, with a high level coaching staff.

Crystal: What are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of Crossfit Training?
Gregg:  DO find a good and reputable coach. DO listen to that coach. DON’T try to come in on day one and go at one hundred percent.  Crossfit is a process.  It is a long-term process.
DON’T expect Crossfit to be a quick fix. DO commit yourself to a long-term approach to fitness that increases in intensity over a period of time, while doing so in a safe and effective manner.

Crystal:  Should women consider the Crossfit Training program?
Gregg: I think Crossfit Training has been very, very empowering for women. We offer workouts that are scaled versions for women and scaled versions for men. But outside of that, we treat women here the same way we treat the men here.  We train them the very same way. They do the very same movements.  Women at Guerrilla Fitness can expect to work hard, get stronger, fitter and experience major results.

Our motto at Guerrilla Fitness is SAFETY FIRST, EFFECTIVENESS and FUN!

Writers Note:  As I walk around the Guerrilla Fitness facility, I can see women that are Crossfit clients.  Their bodies are in amazing shape. They all have beautiful arms, legs and waistlines to envy.  If you want to get in serious shape, Crossfit is certainly a workout to add to your program.  The results will speak for themselves.

Thank you Gregg Arsenuk for taking the time to chat with Identity Magazine.  For more info contact Guerrilla Fitness Crossfit @ www.guerrillafitness.net


Please feel free to email Crystal with your question. It will be answered in the order it’s received. Please continue to check back for your question to be answered. Note: we do not use last names

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About the author

Crystal Gaynor

Crystal Gaynor

Exercise and good nutrition were always a major part of my life growing up. My mother and my grandmother were both avid gardeners and grew everything from apples to zucchini. It was not usual to ask for a snack and receive a plate of collard greens. But that is where my love for all foods green and healthy began.

I studied dance as a child and majored in Dance at Eastern Michigan University. Being in shape has always been a natural state of being for me, so deciding to become a fitness professional was an easy one.

I received the following certifications from The American Council on Exercise:

Group Fitness (2004)
Personal Trainer (2009).

I also hold these certifications and licenses:

Weight Training

In addition, I am a certified Jillian Michael “Body Shred” trainer.

I have trained hundreds of people in the New Jersey area. My client list includes celebrities, professional athletes, and men, women and children from all ages and walks of life. Practicing what I preach, you can find me working out at a neighborhood gym or walking in my local park.

I have been a contributing writer at Identity Magazine since 2010.
I was a featured model in Bobbi Brown Cosmetics’ “Pretty Powerful” beauty campaign.

My goal is to help you achieve a Crystal Clear Life, through the use of exercise, nutrition and a positive attitude. Remember to keep life simple and Crystal Clear.

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