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Jeannine Yoder

Jeannine Yoder

Jeannine is a Master Life Coach and Founder of www.theRSVPrev.com. The R.S.V.P revolution is a NEW method of coaching. Young thought leaders inspire using the R.S.V.P (restore.simplify.verify.power) tools and techniques to practice response to the "Invite to YOUR Life" and fall in love with their self run business and life.

Coach Jey was featured Celebrity Life Coach on the cover story for Life & Style in the New York Times. She graduated from The American Musical Dramatic Academy and has performed on Broadway, T.V and in Film Nationwide. Jeannine has brought to life such characters as Sugar in “Some Like it Hot”, Ruby in “Dames at Sea” and Audrey in “Little Shop of Horrors.” You may recognize her from her appearance in Gossip Girl, Boardwalk Empire or other T.V features nationwide.

Jey runs a Life Masterclass training program for young aspiring coaches to awaken to their purpose and for new coaches to become experts in the wellness industry through her revolutionary coaches training program. She works one on one with clients in New York City and over the phone across the world, reaching as far as Thailand and Nigeria.

Jeannine runs a mind and body group workshop, re:Create LIVE, in New York City. She fascinates by using expressive communication to connect creative professionals to emotionally intelligent insights and in-the-know solutions for creating a thriving business and life of your own design. Her life motto is Share & Shine!

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