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From One Mother to Another: Are You A “Look At My Ring” Friend?

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“Children are only children for eighteen years.” When I put it into prospective as it relates to my own life, I’ve lived two childhoods. Compared to the length of time I have been married, I would have a teenager and, in the amount of time I have been out of high school, I could have a child who is the legal drinking age.

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Motherhood can be extremely scary. That’s why we have Jodi Ciampa, our latest addition to the Identity team. Parenting is difficult and not one parent is perfect. Jodi will share her insights from motherhood in  One Mother to Another in hopes to give you support on real-life parenting and what motherhood is all about.

Motherhood By Jodi Ciampa

Do you have a friend who will “find it” when you’re convinced you have “lost it”?

 I sure hope so!

 Are you a “look at my ring” friend?

Every girl needs one.  Every girl should be one.

Are you a “I hate my haircut” friend?

A “I’m feeling fat” friend?

A “let’s have tea” friend?

Are you a “pee with the door open” friend?

A “bring a bottle of wine and share my leftovers” friend?

A “tell me that I’m cool” friend?

Are you a “can I borrow a pair of shoes” friend?

A “go along with my crazy scheme” friend?

A “my house is your house” friend?

Are you a “put my kids on the bus” friend?

A “take my daughter to school” friend?

A “bring my son to the pool” friend?

Are you a “trust you with the lives of my children” friend?

A “send flowers cause I’m proud of you” friend?

A “call me, text me and email me anytime of day” friend?

Are you a “I’ve got your back no matter what” friend?

A “pick me up when I am down” friend?

A “tell me everything’s going to be OK” friend?

Are you a “you’re not a bad mother” friend?

A “I know you can handle it” friend?

A “give me hope, strength and restores my faith” friend?

Are you a “I’m here to listen and validate you” friend?

A “I appreciate and accept you” friend?

A “I feel safe telling you my most inner thoughts and deepest fears” friend?

Are you a “I know you will always be there” friend?

A “sister” friend?

A “soul mate” friend?

Are you a “friend till the end” friend?

Are You A “Look At My Ring” Friend?

Every girl NEEDS one.  Every girl SHOULD BE one.

I’ll be yours…will you be mine?

Motherhood can be a difficult time.  Be the mother and friend that you should be and the one that you need.  Surround yourself with others who are in motherhood and help each other out!

Jodi has set a goal to write a book and is on her path to achieving it!  Please visit her new blog at

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