December Most Wanted – Bio-V Probiotic for Women

Bio-V Probiotic for Women

BIO-V PROBIOTIC FOR WOMEN Made FOR women, BY women. BIO-V™ is a premium probiotic that supports digestive and feminine health. Naturally targets the cause of: •Digestion issues •Vaginal Odor •Yeast •Discharge •Dryness/discomfort These health challenges often appear because of an imbalance of “good bacteria” in your body. BIO-V™ gets your system back in balance, replenishes […]

Overcoming Obstacles Through Healthier Habits


When encountering obstacles in life, such as illnesses, we often believe there may be no cure other than medicine.  For Elizabeth, transforming her lifestyle allowed her to overcome her multiple sclerosis, and to grow as person overall.  Her ability to find natural nutritious remedies gave her opportunities she may never have expected beforehand.  Elizabeth found […]

Breaking My Pattern of Depression


Depression can sneak up on us when we least expect it.  The secret is to not let it take over our lives.  For Shari, depression has been a life-long battle.  But after becoming dependent on medication, she chose to change her pattern of depression.  Shari realized that life is meant to be lived and each […]

Finding Harmony in My “Layered Life”


It is difficult to predict the path that your life may take.  For Jennifer, the unexpected loss of both her twin babies and her father created an obstacle-filled road to travel down.  But through the inspiration of others, Jennifer was able to find herself a new identity. By Jennifer Nutter By the time I was […]

Money-Saving Tips for Holiday Shopping


Identity has found a money guru to help you save this holiday season! She has the best tips to help you spend less and save even more. In the midst of buying gifts, entertaining and traveling, here are just a few of Dani Johnson’s tips for the holidays and she has many more: 1. AVOID […]

Thanksgiving Appreciation


It’s that time of year again! I believe we shouldn’t just use the holiday season to express our appreciation and love, but I will still piggy back on the holiday season to challenge you and all women to express your appreciation within yourself first, then within your life and then of course your loved ones. […]

Holidays: New Traditions for a New Family Unit


A divorce can be a life changing event.  Rather then dwelling on the past and the differences that have suddenly come up, keep your head up and focus on the positives.  Lee Block offers advice on for the holiday season by giving Identity readers tips on how to keep your family traditions alive. By Lee […]

Seven People you Don’t Want to Date


Relationships can be tricky.  They take time and effort from both partners.  But how do you know if you are with someone who is right for you?  Well, Jen Hancock is here with seven types of people to keep an eye out for when getting into a relationship.  These people are not the right people […]

The Daughter of My Heart

The Daughter of My Heart

Divorce can separate a family.  But when two people make the effort, a relationship can survive this life changing event. After a painful divorce, one woman, Susyn, shares how she continued to have a successful, loving relationship with her step-daughter. By Susyn I am most proud of the relationship I have with my step-daughter. I […]

We appreciate…

Coffee Lover

I appreciate my husband. I have Aspergers Syndrome and life with me is different, sometimes challenging. When I first told him I has AS, he was my friend (we were best friends before we started dating and married) and he thought I was making it up.