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Confessions of Acceptance

Written by Identity
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Women tell us what they have accepted within their lives and themselves.

What do you accept?

I’m an African American woman who has been divorced twice. I was brought up to speak properly and always had a corporate job. I have accepted my body-type even when my counterparts didn’t. I’ve learned to ignore people in my race because of the way I speak. It doesn’t make me white or a sell out and I’m OK with that. I’ve learned divorce doesn’t make me a failure; it has just made me wiser. -Aleasa 

One day I said to my husband, “Hon, you see me now? This is probably where I will be weight-wise, give or take 10 pounds in either direction, for the rest of my life.” It was incredibly liberating making that statement and to accept my body the way it is. -Sarah

Accepting myself

What I have accepted in my life is that no matter how much you plan, life does not follow that plan. I have learned to appreciate that the reason life does not follow that plan is because sometimes life gives you lessons along your path that were not planned for so that you can grow and appreciate all the little things. Sometimes we are so focused on all the things that we want that we overlook all the little things that make us happy. You can’t appreciate until you learn to accept. -Michelle

As a Mother of one I’ve accepted the fact that my body will never be what it was when I was younger. I’ve accepted that stretch marks and a big butt make it easier to carry a toddler around on your hips. That it’s OK to love your imperfect body because your child doesn’t care. You’re still going to get the same snuggles. The trade out was well worth it. -Meghan

I’m working to accept that I am in control of my thoughts, beliefs and the results in my life. I’ve had to accept that prince charming may be here,but he’s not here right now to sweep me off my feet. That the fairy tales we read as a child are not a healthy reality and that the more I accept and love who I am and what I am on this planet to do, the more good  things come my way. -Holly


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