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July “BE”: Be Creative and Authentic with Your Identity

Every month, founder Susan Vernicek’s writes a new “BE” article! This month’s topic is about embracing your Identity by being creative and authentic.

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This is for all of you ladies out there that may feel like you are being held back, or feel that you are struggling to embrace your true identity. I’m insisting that you start NOW. No more excuses. Wear want you want, think how you want, and act how you want.  Be the authentic you and the creative you, because there is no right or wrong way to just “be” in your very own skin.

Here are 3 ways to get started:

1.  Be Creative and Authentic with Your Style:
I am surrounded by fashionable interns, co-workers, friends, and family. I catch myself looking at them with the thought that I wish I could pull off that head band, shirt, jewelry, or hat.  Who says I can’t? Why do I even think this way if I haven’t even tried? So you know what I did? I went to the mall to look around and find something I loved, but didn’t think I could pull off. I found a pair of earrings that were fun, sexy, flirty, wild, and LONG, longer than my hair! I fell in love with them and yes I bought them. I wore them that very next day.  I felt weird at first, but eventually got over it. Who cares what others think, right? I must say that I rocked them out. 🙂  I can’t wait to wear them again and certainly will.

So go ahead and embrace the style you love. If you love something, don’t pass it up because you think you can’t pull it off. Our thoughts are energy and if you think and know you can pull a style off and rock it out, then you can and will rock it out!

2.  Be Creative and Authentic with Your Mannerisms:
Don’t hold back!  Do you laugh a certain way? Do you speak a certain way? Do you smile or walk a certain way? Our mannerisms are traits that are passed down from generations, or picked up from best friends. Mannerisms are not to be messed with! They distinguish our characters and personalities, and they help us connect memories. Continue to embrace your mannerisms with your authentic self as it will leave lasting memories for your family and friends.

3. Be Creative and Authentic with Your Mind:
That’s a no brainer! Our mind plays a huge role in our identity. BUT, do you fully embrace your mind?  Are you your own leader? Do you change your opinions, ideas, or creativity if somebody doesn’t agree?  Do you mold your identity into the current relationships that you have? If you do, I can almost guarantee those relationships won’t last because you are not being your authentic self.  You are not less intelligent than your friends, siblings, or co-workers. Your mind and intelligence is different and unique. You have your way of learning, loving, and educating.  Explore and allow your mind to continue to expand allowing you to dream big, think big, and achieve big.


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