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B.I.G. Feature of the Month:Debbie Hoffman

bigIdentity Sponsor, B.I.G. (Believe, Inspire, Grow) is an nationwide networking, support and education group for women entrepreneurs. Together Identity and B.I.G support women like you to make or continue your move in life.  Follow your passion. You deserve to be featured and spotlighted.

Believe, Inspire, Grow – that’s what B.I.G., a women’s support, education, and networking organization, stands for. B.I.G. facilitates its members’ desires to connect with other women to help them achieve their business dreams and goals. Debbie Hoffman, senior director, program management at B.I.G., took her own advice to “go for it” when she joined the leadership team that launched B.I.G. from an idea into a business.

“After staying home to raise my children, I knew it was time for me to re-enter the work force. I was looking for ‘what to do next,’” said Hoffman who resides in Basking Ridge. “I’ve always believed that in order to be successful, I needed to be willing to take a risk. It’s what I always encouraged others to do – and I didn’t want to be a hypocrite. So, when I was faced with the challenge of becoming part of a start-up business that I believed in, I took a risk to ‘go for it.’”

Her risk paid off – B.I.G. is flourishing. Hoffman cites keeping up with the organization’s rapid growth rate and expansion as the biggest challenge. The most rewarding part, says Hoffman, is knowing that because of B.I.G. other women are able to move forward with their goals and dreams to find fulfillment and happiness.

“Not only have I found what I needed to feel complete, but I am, in some way, helping others to move forward towards this end. We are making a difference, and it is rewarding.”

Hoffman says concentration and organization are the skills she uses daily to balance it all and to stay focused. At first she didn't consider herself an entrepreneur. 

“Since I never gave much thought to being an entrepreneur, I needed to look up a true definition. ‘Entrepreneurial: willing to take risks in order to make a profit’ – I guess I am an entrepreneur!,” said Hoffman.

Hoffman adds that B.I.G. is expanding daily and new leaders emerge consistently.  She says daily the B.I.G. team makes plans to improve upon what they have accomplished, offer new products, and formulate ways to best meet their members’ needs.

In keeping with Identity’s mission of Accept Appreciate Achieve, below are some more questions that fit in with that theme:

1. What have you accepted in your life that took time?

Hoffman: “I have grown to accept in life that you can not necessarily change others, but you absolutely can accept the differences in people and change how you choose to deal with each person as an individual.”

2. What do you appreciate the most in your life?

Hoffman: “In life, I appreciate love, acceptance, and good health.

3. What is one of your most rewarding achievements in life?

Hoffman: “My family is my most rewarding achievement.”

4. What is your not-so-perfect way?

Hoffman:  “My not so perfect way… I believe I am still a bit insecure.  While I have come a long way and my logical mind knows, ‘you can only do your best,’ I can’t always stop my emotional side from wondering, ‘did I do the right thing?’”

5. How would you complete the phrase “I Love My…”?

Hoffman: “I love my porch in the springtime when the flowers bloom and the warm air surrounds us.  I will rock in my chair, listen to the waterfall of the pond, feel appreciative of life’s simple pleasures and feel complete.”


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