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Kevin’s Planetary Guide for March to June 2011

Kevin's Birthday Poems


Neptune's child lives in a world of illusion
Past loves and lessons come to conclusion
Weeding out unrealistic ones it seems
While holding on to hopes and dreams
The Sun shines with passion from above
Consider what is best for only you in love
Make positive those changes this year
Planets are guiding you- have no fear
Let go of the past as the seasons turn
To create the fulfilling life you so yearn


Uranus gives the lead on the Stage of Time
Transiting for seven years in your sign
Don't go where Angels Fear to Tread
Some may enthusiastically decide to wed
Jupiter will support your Love Life this year
Giving prosperity and luck -so no tears
Although emotions will have ups and downs
Contentment and Inner peace can be found


Spirituality guides you so romantically
Bringing opportunities- spectacularly
Jupiter visits your sign in early June
Good fortune now eagerly awaits you
The positive Celestial Influences in the air
Create harmonious times without a care
Chances to get close to special loved ones
Seeking happiness from the rays of the Sun

(*we only do birthday poems for the current issue, but horoscopes for all signs below*)

YOUR 3 MONTH OUTLOOK (the description of the houses are below)

Pisces (February 19 to March 20) Happy Birthday- Mars transits your first house of self in March stimulating desires, thus you are thinking and wanting that special someone in your life NOW.  Mercury retrograde in the second house of self-worth in April makes it a period to get realistic about delays in financial dealings.  Venus enters your third house of communication in May urging you to say what has been in your heart.

Aries (March 21 to April 19)
Happy Birthday- Having Jupiter in your first house of personality in March, you are self-confident as fortunate circumstances come into your every day life.  With Mars and Venus also in your first house of self in April, you may say goodbye to an out-worn relationship and begin a new one.  Mars enters your second house of financial affairs in May; you voice your opinions in  a persuasive and pushy manner concerning money.

Taurus (April 20 to May 21) Happy Birthday- Jupiter enters your twelfth house of investigation and working behind the scenes in March, which makes your intellectual insights successful in aiding yourself and others.  Venus transits your eleventh house of hopes and wishes in April; you are optimistic about your goals-dreams may just come true for you.  When talkative Mercury conjuncts loving Venus in your first house of self-interest in May, express your romantic feelings for someone very special to you.

Gemini (May 22 to June 20) Mars transits your tenth house of career in March , so avoid the confusion in your employment area by keeping a low profile.  Mercury retrograde in your eleventh house of groups in April warns you to postpone any unnecessary negative comments at this time. In May with Saturn in your fifth house of romance don't pressure stubborn loved ones.

Cancer (June 21 to July 22) Saturn the Taskmaster resides in your fourth house of home and family in March, reminding constantly that you have to fulfill any domestic obligations you have and can't ignore them.  In April Mercury retrogrades in your tenth house of employment; someone could be working to undo your efforts and test your decisions.  In May Mars begins a transit in your eleventh house of friends who will turn into useful contacts financially for you.

Leo (July 23 to August 22) Jupiter in your ninth house of higher development in March has you pursuing new ideas to enrich your range of mental experiences which can change your life for the better.  In April Neptune in  your eighth house of investment warns you to avoid confusion managing your money for a greedy partner may overwhelm your judgment.  When Mars begins to transit your tenth house of employment in May, you may be working harder and cutting out anything extra for realistic progress.

Virgo (August to September 22) In March with Mars in your seventh house of dealing with the public warns you to be diplomatic when speaking to others or they may think you are too pushy.  In April Mercury retrogrades in your eighth house of shared experiences making it the perfect time to do research to get to the bottom of something important.  Having Venus in ninth house of long distance travel makes you want to pack your bags and go to a favorite place.

Libra (September 23 to October 22) Venus transits your fifth house of romance in March, so open your heart to loving moments with that special someone. In April Mars is in your seventh house of partners; watch your choice of words or  you may offend some people.  Saturn still in your first house of self in May makes you somewhat serious  which you don't really want to be right now.

Scorpio (October 23 to November 21) Uranus begins a seven year transit into your sixth house of employment in March, so be ready for new and unusual ideas- along with surprises at the job.  In April with Saturn in your twelfth house of spiritual mystery, you may acquire a serious interest in the occult.  In May Mercury enters your seventh house of partners; you are mischievous and
witty so get ready for fun-fun-fun.

Sagittarius (November 22 to December 21) Having Jupiter in your fifth house  of romance in March enriches your enthusiasm for love and adventure. In April when Mars enters your fifth of romance, you express your feelings with such boldness that you may get what you desire from a loved one. In May Saturn continues to transit your eleventh house of friends making it a time to clarify any hard feelings you have had with certain individuals.

Capricorn (November 23 to December 19) In March having Venus in the second house of money helps you get your financial affairs in order.  In April Saturn transits your tenth house of employment; it is time to meet increasing responsibilities on the job.  In May sociable Mercury is in your fifth house of love;  you will enjoy the romantic conversations with that special person.

Aquarius (December 20 to January 18) In March Venus transits your first house of self, so keep the door open to a new hairstyle or make-up.  Mars is in your third house of communication in April watch that you don't act before you think. In May having Neptune in  the second house of finances stay realistic about your money endeavors or they may just disappear.

Always read your rising sign first if you know it. Then read your sun sign.
The combination of rising sign and sun sign will give you an accurate forecast.

List of Houses and Influences:

First House rules appearance, self-interest, personality, personal view of life and the world.

Second House rules finances, possessions, values, and self-esteem.

Third House rules communication, siblings, day-to-day routines and short trips.

Fourth House rules home, environment, land, property, family, roots and conditions at the end of life.

Fifth House rules love affairs, pleasurable emotions, romance, creativity and children.

Sixth House rules work environment, health, sickness and small animals or pets.

Seventh House rules business partners, marriage, relationships, contracts, lawsuits and known enemies.

Eighth House rules intimacy, death, legacies, sex, and shared resources.

Ninth House rules higher education, travel, intuition, dreams, spiritualism and philosophy.

Tenth House rules career, ambition, social status, life's work and public reputation.

Eleventh House rules hopes and wishes, friends, groups and associations.

Twelfth House rules secret activities and enemies, unexpected troubles, subconscious feelings, hospitals, prisons, illusions and seclusion.

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