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B.I.G. Feature of the Month: Lisa Rangel

Job search—In this day and age that term conjures up a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. Lisa Rangel is here to help.

When Rangel, who was a search firm recruiter and manager of recruiters for 13 years, was laid off in 2009, her job search landed her as Managing Director of Chameleon Resumes – her company. Rangel created Chameleon Resumes to help job seekers with job searches, resumes, letters, interviewing skills, and much more! Rangel not only has experience in this business, but she understands job loss firsthand – after all that is what propelled her into entrepreneurship.

Lisa Rangel
“In March 2009 the opportunity for me to start my own business presented itself when I was laid off from a search firm. I figured if I did not do it then, I probably would never do it,” said Rangel. “I had the knowledge, the ability to develop a business, and the network to leverage.”

Running her own business did present challenges that Rangel had to adjust to. She says she had to reduce expenses during the start-up months until revenue started coming in, although she was used to an irregular income level from working on commission in the past – being her own boss created a whole other paradigm to get used to, and her husband (who was a stay-at-home dad for seven years) was starting his own business at the same time.

“Starting two businesses in early 2009 was crazy when I think about it, but I am thankful that all has worked out so far,” said Rangel. “I get to pick my kids up from school every day, I take days off to go to the beach with my husband while the kids are in school, I volunteer at my kids’ school during the day, and I get to say I built this tiny little empire.”

Rangel says she loves what she does. She feels great reward from bringing clarity to someone who is confused and discouraged by the daunting process of finding a job.

“Professionally, there is no better feeling of reward than someone expressing relief in understanding the process and landing a position,” said Rangel.  “When I hit the lottery, I will do this for free.”

Up until recently, Rangel has run this business on her own, but she says she is starting to hire people and outsource administrative and operational functions. She still does all the resume writing and job search consulting as that, she says, is the best part of her job!

When it comes to balancing her career, she says that’s a work in progress. 

“What needs to get done gets done. What does not get done gets done another time. I also learned that the concept of balance means I get to do a little bit of everything each day,” said Rangel. “I feel like I am making baby steps in 30 things, and I do miss the big advances once in a while. But when I had big advances at work, I was typically ignoring my personal life. So, for now, the illusion of balance is OK for me.”

Although Rangel has a niche, she doesn’t want to label herself. She provides a service, and as long as it’s in demand, she has a business and income. When her service is no longer in demand, Rangel says she will figure something else out. A true entrepreneur spirit!

Rangel is content with where her business is currently. She learned during her recruiting career that her passion is with her clients, so she doesn’t want to expand her company in a manner that would take her away from directly working with job seekers. 

“I am lucky that I did not wait until I was not scared to launch the business because I may not have ever done it,” said Rangel.  “I have also come to be thankful for being laid off in March 2009 because without that situation happening in my life, I may not have made the plunge into entrepreneurship.”

In keeping with Identity’s mission of Accept Appreciate Achieve, below are some more questions that fit in with that theme:

1. What have you accepted in your life that took time?

My path is my path…it is my job to make the most of it.

2.  What do you appreciate the most in your life?
I take each day as it comes.

3. What is one of your most rewarding achievements in life?

My relationship with my husband, my children, and successfully launching my business.

4. What is your not-so-perfect way?
The not-so-perfect part of my life is that each day never goes as I plan it. For that, I am thankful.  Why is that a blessing? Often enough, what was taken out I did not need to do, and what was put in my path enriched my life somehow. So, I have learned to accept imperfection and roll with things more readily.

5. How would you complete the phrase “I Love My…”?
I love my…life and all that it brings.


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