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Be Green and Serene – New Direction

keepitgreenCan you really be serene AND green? Is it possible to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and still enjoy the finer things in life?  Niki Fountain, former government regulator and founder of an all-natural bath and skin care company thinks so.  Read her column Be Serene & Green to get tips and ideas on how to live mindfully with respect to the planet and our environment. 


Creating a Smaller Footprint

By Niki Fountain

Those of us trying to live a more serene and green lifestyle can probably recall a turning point that inspired us to be more eco-friendly and create a smaller footprint on this big blue planet of ours. Mine came in 1997 when I finished graduate school and started working as a hydrogeologist for an environmental consulting firm. What that meant was I looked for and cleaned up chemicals that had been spilled in the environment, such as the Gulf oil spill. 

Over the next decade, I would see firsthand what happens when people, animals, and the planet are exposed to harmful chemicals. I had to tell communities the water they had been drinking for the last 20 years was undrinkable and may have caused their illnesses. I watched giant corporations get nothing more than a slap on the wrist when they allowed chemicals from their factories to enter the environment and destroy rivers and entire ecosystems.

Eventually, I started working as a State regulator because I thought I would find satisfaction in telling those giant corporations to clean up the chemicals they had spilled. Unfortunately, thanks to politics and bureaucracy, that satisfaction never came and I left government work and started my own company—but not as hydrogeologist or as someone who was cleaning up the environment.  Because of all I had seen and experienced over the previous decade, I knew I wanted to do something that was not only good for people but also had little to no adverse impact on the planet.  One detail I failed to mention is that when I was in graduate school, my studies focused on formulating soap that would be used to clean chemicals that were spilled into the environment.

So, I did what came naturally for me—I started an all-natural, organically-based bath and skin care company called Serene Bath & Body.  I wanted to create products that would make people feel good about what they were putting on their bodies. I also wanted to make myself feel good knowing that I was not using harmful chemicals in the products I was creating. This would become one small contribution I would make at being  greener and, fortunately for me, serene.

Over the years, I have learned lots of tips and tidbits on how to be more eco-conscious and lessen my impact on the environment.  I look forward to not only sharing my knowledge and experiences with you, but also hearing from you and learning about your tips on how to be more serene and green. 

We’ll talk about everything from ways to cut your grocery bill down without sacrificing healthy foods to why choosing organic isn’t always necessary. We’ll come to understand that it’s not about living perfectly green every moment of every day, but about making a conscious effort and doing our best whenever possible. In the words of Kermit the Frog, “it’s not easy being green.”  But we’ll do our best, and hopefully have a little fun along the way.

Until next time, be serene and green.

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