June Most Wanted-Prosperity Spin Band

prosperity spinband

Prosperity Spin Band Are you looking to create more prosperity and success in your life? Our Prosperity Spin Ring will help you build and attract the life you richly deserve. If you focus your thoughts and energy on what you want to bring into your life, it will come to you. Ask for what you […]

Emotion Commotion: Grief

This section is all about emotions. Kimberly Elmore, an Identity Staff Writer has dedicated her time to educate and discuss a particular emotion in each issue. It’s a great way for women to open up and become more aware of our emotions, feelings, and human behavior. All of these emotions help us understand how to […]

Kevin’s Planetary Guide for June to August 2010

Kevin's Birthday Poems Gemini You are like the wind creating a lovely breeze Attracting a diverse group of friends with ease Time for you to announce your hopes and wishes Knowing that they will make your life delicious Express your favorite feelings from the start Following the deepest desires of your heart Stay focus on what […]

Life Transitions – Introduction

Life Transitions,  Carol Gonzalez will focus on the natural and not-so natural stages of our lives.  Each issue I’ll spotlight a particular transition.  From graduating from college, getting married, having a baby, or helping your child get ready to leave the nest, I’ll provide Identity readers with practical advice, tips and resources that I’ve learned […]

Unwind with a Laugh: Pick Up Lines

Portable smile

This issue we asked you what was the best and most humorous pick up line that came your way.  I must say, pretty freaking amusing ladies! So glad you shared and hopefully I won’t be the only one that laughs! Enjoy this break in your day! 1. I went to a Hawaiian party with a […]

Scratch the Surface


Kimberly Elmore, an Identity Staff Writer has dedicated her time to “Scratch the Surface” on a woman each issue. Kimberly’s interviews to highlight any woman who feels that she has achieved in her life.  Whether you’re a mother, CEO, nurse, or an entrepreneur, we want to scratch the surface and find out how you got […]

Appreciation, A Tool for Change

By Dr. Ulla Sebastion "…the number-one reason people leave organizations is that they don't feel appreciated", notes the U.S. Department of Labour according to a recent Gallup Poll report. The lack of appreciation leads to high costs in business paid for having to replace valuable co-workers that go somewhere else in need for being valued […]

Improving Social Anxiety – Begin With Acceptance

By Jon Mercer There are many ways of improving social anxiety, but as a personal development coach and a former social anxiety sufferer, I have learned that one of the easiest and most productive ways to increase feelings of well-being in social situations is to practice the art of self-acceptance. A very common scenario that […]

Frustrated With Mindless Eating?


By Carla Hugo As seasons change so do our desires. Many people are looking to release the "shoulds" in their lives. Shoulds are the things you do because you feel you should. "I should volunteer at school, I should work late tonight, I should eat these carrot sticks and not these cookies." These shoulds are […]

B.I.G. Feature of the Month

Identity Sponsor, B.I.G. (Believe, Inspire, Grow) is an nationwide networking, support and education group for women entrepreneurs. Together Identity and B.I.G support women like you to make or continue your move in life.  Follow your passion. You deserve to be featured and spotlighted. June Feature: B.I.G. Founders A bumper sticker, “Remember Who You Wanted to […]